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Aegis Software

FactoryLogix is an integrated suite of manufacturing software  modules and devices that adapt to and improve every aspect of your  manufacturing operations.  Built from the ground up, FactoryLogix merges state-of-the-art  technology with the knowledge and experience from 17 years of  development and 1700 global installations, to deliver a solution that  redefines the very concept of Manufacturing ERP Software 

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ASM Pacific

Semiconductor assembly equipment.  Wire and wedge  bonders, die bonders, die  attach, die sorting and mapping, flip chip  bonders, encapsulation 

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Apollo Seiko

Apollo Seiko is a worldwide leader in the selective soldering industry.   Since 1969, we've been committed to the research and development of  advanced soldering solutions and building strong partnerships with our  customers.  If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

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Hanwha Pick and Place

Our solutions that include the T-Solution, SMT mounters, and  collaborative robots, are just some of our products that represent our  commitment to innovate continuously and our ability to overcome the  toughest challenges. We do this to develop customer-oriented solutions  that deliver greater efficiency, versatility, and value. We do this  because ultimately, as partners, when our customers succeed, we succeed. 

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Camalot Dispensers

For decades, Camalot® has been the global leader in dispensing  technology for electronic materials. From board-level assembly to  advanced packaging to cutting-edge compound semiconductors, Camalot’s  innovative solutions have kept our dispense systems solutions in the  forefront. 

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Electrovert Cleaners

Aquastorm is considered the industry’s  best for precision cleaning performance, quality construction, and life  cycle durability. Superb design, robust construction, and quality  engineering have ensured the long history and success of the Aquastorm.  Combined with innovative features, technologies and performance, the  Aquastorm continues to be the industry leader and benchmark for cleaners  in the industry. 

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Electrovert Reflow Soldering

OmniMax/ES ™ series reflow soldering system is designed to deliver  maximum thermal performance combined with process capability and  control. The OmniMax/ES platform offers a combination of industry proven  technologies in an easy to use, reliable and efficient reflow system  for high-end production requirements. 

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Electrovert Wave Soldering

In the wave soldering industry, Electrovert® holds the industry  reputation for having the most innovative technologies, best  performance, highest reliability, and as being the best investment over a  long product life cycle. Electrovert’s® Electra™, VectraElite™, and  VectraES2™ are considered ‘best in class’ for a reason! 

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MPM Printers

Today's MPM printers are engineered and built to the highest standards.  They are built on a solid foundation of proven technology and  incorporate the most successful ideas and systems from prior MPM printer  models. From new print head technology to vision system development,  today's leading Momentum family of printers are ready to meet the most  exacting manufacturing challenges. 

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Vitronics Soltec

Specializes in the design and manufacturing of mass soldering equipment  for the global circuit board assembly market. Products are covering the  Reflow, Wave and Selective Soldering markets. Vitronics Soltec is  designing and manufacturing equipment in two factories; Camdenton, MO in  the USA, and Suzhou in China.  

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At PARMI, we are not just another SPI & AOI solutions provider, but a true solutions partner; our goal is to add value to your business. Whether we are helping you increase your PCB yield and throughput, solve a unique challenge, or increase your ROI, we want to give you a competitive edge. 

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Schunk Electronice Solutions

  • Routers with manual loading and unloading 
  • Fully automatic inline routers 
  • Palletizers 
  • Odd form placement machines 

Routers  from SCHUNK Electronic Solutions are high-performance process  components for separating individual printed circuit boards of  electronic assembly groups. The printed circuit boards are separated  using end milling cutters, saws, or laser heads. The separating  processes we use are especially fast, reliable, low-stress and guarantee  maximum productivity and the best cutting quality

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Simplimatic Automation

With decades of experience and an impressive product portfolio, Simplimatic has the conveyor system necessary to provide your company  with the highest-quality light and medium duty material handling  solution for nearly any industry.  

Simplimatic® Robotic Automation Cells   improve production quality, protect humans from dangerous manufacturing  environments, and ultimately reduce labor and production costs. 

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SPEA Testers

Since 1976,  SPEA has been engaged, with creativity and innovation, in designing and manufacturing the best test equipment for microchips and electronic  boards. 

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Specialty Coating Systems (SCS)

 SCS leads the industry with state-of-the-art coating, curing and  testing systems. From laboratory applications to advanced production  systems, SCS customers benefit from technology that delivers unmatched  accuracy and reliability.

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Zestron Cleaning

ZESTRON is the globally leading provider of high precision cleaning  products, services and training solutions for the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industries. With seven worldwide technical centers and the largest team of engineers focused on high precision  cleaning, our commitment to ensuring that our customers surpass even the  most stringent cleaning requirements is without equal.  

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